$75 AdSpy Coupon Code + AdSpy Detailed Review - #1 Rated Facebook Ad Spy Tool

When you’re into a business, the first thing that strikes your mind would be the never-ending competition in your specific niche. No matter what your business is, you will wonder how your competitors are performing so well online.

When it comes to Facebook advertising, the competition exceeds your creativity. This is because, the platform ensures increased revenue and several advanced targeting options.

$75 AdSpy Coupon Code 2020 - AdSpy Free Trial + 2000 views

AdSpy + AdSpy Coupon Code

If you are looking to register with AdSpy, undoubtedly your business has started growing. This software is sure to take your business miles apart.

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To be in the No.1 position, you should create effective, well-structured, and optimized Facebook ad campaigns with winning strategies. Here is where Facebook Ad Intelligence tools, popularly called Facebook Ad Spy tools, come into play.

Wondering which is the best Facebook ad spy tool? Here we go. It is none other than AdSpy.

AdSpy is an affordable social media ad intelligence and PPC spy tool that is doing wonders in spying on competitors and analyzing the winning ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Its top-notch features & innovative search functionality provide extensive information on Facebook paid advertising campaigns. With this you can uncover the best performing ads effortlessly. It is a tool with extensive search options that are not present in any other ad intelligence tools.

Competition is not a scary thing anymore. There are so many solutions emerging out to fight competitions. AdSpy seems to be the best among those. AdSpy gives you everything you need to be successful in running Facebook ad campaigns. It reduces half of your efforts in carrying out researches.

So what is AdSpy? Wanna know about it in detail? Let’s explore.

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AdSpy Review 2020 + AdSpy Coupon Code

The biggest ad spy program for Facebook out there is none other than AdSpy. You can basically search for your competitor ads, find new and trending products, get fresh creatives, discover ideas that were working in the past, and also those working in the present.

AdSpy lets you search among 91 million + ads from over 203 countries and provides several search criteria like search by Ad text, URL, Site Type, Gender, Age, Daily likes, Total likes, Media type, Advertiser, Technology, Language, Country, Offer ID, Affiliate ID, etc.

When you perform any search, the results get displayed right below the search criteria. As you scroll down, you will find many ads relevant to your search criteria. You can notice the following.

  • Ad Platform
  • Landing Page URL
  • Demographics
  • Volume Generated
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Impressions
  • Screenshots

After you discover the ads, you can even sort them accordingly and save the searches for future reference.

There are so many options available within AdSpy to make your research so simple. You can also alter your search terms in order to get the most relevant ads than keeping on scrolling.

AdSpy gives you a better understanding of your competitors to further enhance your marketing and make profitable ads. This is the exact tool you need if you are a newbie in the Facebook advertising field.

$75 AdSpy Coupon Code 2020 - AdSpy Free Trial + 2000 views

AdSpy + AdSpy Coupon Code

If you are looking to register with AdSpy, undoubtedly your business has started growing. This software is sure to take your business miles apart.

Along with our exclusive $75 AdSpy Coupon Code, you get a chance to check out AdSpy at astonishing rates. Make use of this amazing offer today and enjoy 2000 free views.

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Why Choose AdSpy?

The ultimate purpose of AdSpy is to spy on your competitors which will strengthen your business.

If you wish to run winning ad campaigns right from the beginning, AdSpy would be the best option. You can discover the best strategies and top-performing ad campaigns just like that without wasting time and money.

The main factors that make AdSpy an ideal tool for every advertiser or marketer are listed below:

  • Explore current market trends
  • Explore popular and winning products
  • Target audience based on demographics
  • Discover attractive ad creatives
  • Discover ideas for video ad scripts
  • Know what your competitors are advertising
  • Top-performing ad platforms
  • Get Landing page ideas
  • Positive and negative reactions to ads
  • Discover longest running ads
  • Find best-performing eCommerce ads if you are into dropshipping business
  • Discover seasonal ad ideas
  • Track conversions
  • Find markets that others are unaware of
  • Saves time and money

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AdSpy Eye-Opening Features

AdSpy has several top-notch features that maximize your end results. All those help you to create dominating ads so that your business always stays on the top. So what are those?

Let’s take a look at the AdSpy features below.

Enhanced Basic Search

AdSpy - Enhanced Basic Search

AdSpy is well known for this amazing feature. It is so easy to navigate. It offers several search criteria to find out what you actually require. Whatever you search for, you get a hand full of relevant results instantly.

Once you find the results for your specific searches, you will be able to replicate the same or similar kind of ads to promote on Facebook. This becomes easier since you now know what your customers are wanting to purchase on Facebook.

Accurate Demographics

With AdSpy, you can easily discover the target audience of an advertisement based on location, gender, and age. AdSpy shows you all the regions where a specific ad is dominating across the market.

AdSpy’s global coverage lets you assess the world’s trends without compromise. You can even focus on ads in specific niches, which your competitors are not aware of. It reveals every nook and corner of Facebook ads.

Big Data

AdSpy - Big Data

As stated already, AdSpy has the largest ad database for social media, especially for Facebook and Instagram in the world from which any marketer can discover the trending products online. The enormous data is more than enough to track the hottest products in seconds.

You can discover around 91 million+ ads in over 203 countries effortlessly. No doubt, AdSpy is a massive spy tool with huge data.

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Search Through Comments

AdSpy - Search Through Comments

AdSpy’s search through comments feature enables you to find out the most used keyword by social media users in their comments. You can also monitor the successful brands and all the positive and negative feedback from users worldwide.

Finally, you get clarity on what people are actually looking for in a product which in turn helps you to drive your business in the right way.

Calling Affiliates

AdSpy lets you discover the best affiliate offers and affiliate ads via Offer ID and Affiliate ID. It bypasses cloakers, thereby providing accurate info directly from landing pages.

AdSpy is a tool created by affiliates for affiliate marketers. Any affiliate marketer can easily track the best-rated ad including landers, URLs, etc across any affiliate network.

Also, AdSpy shows you the best ways to promote affiliate advertisement campaigns and allows you to get access to millions of advertisers and publishers online. This software brings high conversions to your affiliate business. So don’t miss out to redeem the AdSpy Coupon today!

Rapid Interface

AdSpy - Rapid Interface

AdSpy has high-speed search technology with which you get results in no time. Effective programming, user-friendly interface, and perfectly-presented data of AdSpy ensure that nothing can slow down your research.

It is so easy to use, that even beginners can play around and identify insights very easily and quickly. The tool is designed very precisely and so you don’t have to scratch your head for anything.

All the power-packed features of AdSpy help you to find hidden niches and lucrative opportunities for you, removing all the hassle of identifying campaign targets, competitor research, and more.

AdSpy Pricing + Exclusive $75 AdSpy Coupon

Among the several ad spy tools available in the market, AdSpy is the one that has unique features at affordable pricing. By using our $75 AdSpy Coupon besides, you can save more money on this purchase.

AdSpy costs $149 per month. Don’t worry. You need not pay this exact amount to use this wonderful spy software. Along with our exclusive AdSpy Coupon Code, you can enjoy unlimited usage still at a very low cost.

Besides, it also offers an AdSpy free trial with 2000 views, and it is more than enough to explore the complete tool.

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🌟 AdSpy for Affiliate Marketers

Facebook advertising has witnessed a boost since the COVID-19 outbreak. The main reason behind is the increased financial uncertainty and higher unemployment. 

Though COVID-19 pandemic has affected all industries locally and globally, tremendous opportunities have emerged for everyone, especially for affiliates during the crisis. 

The need for more economical shopping has increased and online shoppers keep searching for coupon codes before checking out to save on their purchases.

Hence it is vital to promote successful Facebook ad campaigns. Don’t worry! AdSpy can make your job easy!

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AdSpy is an extraordinary FB ads spy tool with which affiliate marketers can benefit. With AdSpy, Affiliates are sure to expand their customer base for who they can promote their products and gain high ROI.  Thus AdSpy ensures a profitable affiliate marketing due to its unique and dambfounding features.

AdSpy Support

Almost all the important features and information about AdSpy have been provided so far. Additionally, AdSpy also offers a fast and highly responsive customer support service. Mostly you will not find any difficulty in AdSpy.

In case of any query, you are free to send emails at contact@adspy.com or contact +31 85001 3330. The replies from the customer support are instant.

Their refund policy is amazing as you will get a refund of your full amount within 24 hours of purchase in case you want to cancel your subscription.

AdSpy customer support will also generate a customized search for you upon request. Why miss this opportunity? Grab our AdSpy Discount Coupon now and get AdSpy free trial + 2000 views.

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AdSpy Pros & Cons

There is nothing so-called perfect. Even though AdSpy offers so many first-class features and ease of access, there are some drawbacks too. Let’s take a turn around on both the pros and cons of AdSpy below.


  • Access to the largest Facebook ad database
  • Fast Searches
  • User-friendly interface
  • Saves a lot of time and money
  • Best competitor analysis
  • Can find winning products in seconds


  • At times it leads to timed out searches
  • Outputs junked Facebook ads
  • Only one user will be able to access one account at a time
  • Ads that appear in search results disappear when you search for it again


✅ What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is a powerful Facebook and Instagram ad spy tool that has the largest ad database in the world. It lets you search around 91 million+ ads in over 203 countries.

✅ How much does AdSpy cost?

AdSpy costs $149 per month. You can enjoy unlimited usage at this pricing plan.

✅ Where can I get an AdSpy Coupon?

$75 AdSpy Coupon is exclusively available here. Enjoy reduced prices + 2000 free views today.

✅ Why is AdSpy the best Facebook ad spy tool?

AdSpy is the best Facebook ad spy tool because it offers advanced search features to identify the top-performing and winning Facebook ads instantly without spending much time, money, and effort.

✅ How do I use AdSpy?

Simply visit adspy.com, click Get started, and follow the prompts. Once an account is created, you can log in anytime. The search criteria will give you everything in hand.

✅ Is AdSpy Free?

Yes. You get an AdSpy free trial for up to 2000 views. Start revealing your competitors’ Facebook ad secrets immediately to be on the top of your business.

✅ What does AdSpy provide?

AdSpy provides insights to find compelling new ad campaigns, hottest and trending products, allows you to monitor competitors’ brands, browse ads by filtered search, etc.

AdSpy Verdict

Thus with all the above-mentioned factors, we get to know that AdSpy is the best and advanced Facebook ad spy tool. It offers great ideas and invaluable competitor data insights to marketers.

Undoubtedly, AdSpy is a go-to software for all affiliates, dropshippers, and every other marketer who wants to enhance their business via successful ad campaigns. It drives quality traffic to your ad campaigns and brings high conversions.

Though AdSpy has a few disadvantages, the benefits that this tool offers are tremendous. No other AdSpy alternatives can beat AdSpy in terms of its performance.

So, don’t fail to apply our exclusive $75 AdSpy Coupon to save more money on AdSpy. Also, forget not to share it with your friends and family. Hope you got an overall picture of AdSpy, which is really an outstanding spy software in the market.

Enjoy Spying!! 😊