Autozone Price Match Policy and Saving Tips [Updated] ❤️

Does AutoZone Price match its online competitors?

No way! Except for RockAuto, they don’t match the prices of their online competitors.

What is AutoZone’s Price Adjustment Policy?

Price adjustment is different from a price match. In price matching, if you buy an item from a store and its price or a competitor’s price goes down after you buy it.

You can get a discount as a refund, but only a portion of the price difference back. But AutoZone doesn’t offer price adjustments because they make it clear that they don’t adjust prices on purchases made before.

Who are AutoZone’s Price Match competitors?

AutoZone’s price match has a few competitors:

  • Auto parts store Advance
  • America’s Tire and Discount Tire
  • NAPA
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Pep Boys

AutoZone doesn’t match the prices of online stores like Amazon in any other way.

But they do have a wide range of high-quality auto parts and accessories that are cheap.

How do I request a Price Match at AutoZone? – In 3 Steps

AutoZone makes it easy to ask them to match a price. All you need is proof that the competitor’s price is lower, like a receipt or advertisement.

Then, you can take the product to the customer service desk or checkout register, where someone will help you.

If your request meets the policy’s criteria, you will get a price match.

How to Save at AutoZone? – 3 Ways

1. AutoZone Rewards

AutoZone Rewards saves frequent customers money on their most-needed items. According to AutoZone’s website, the free programme lets you earn $20 for every 5 $20 transaction.

You may be eligible for special promotions and savings as an AutoZone Rewards member. AutoZone Rewards can be joined in-store or online.

2. AutoZone Coupons

AutoZone’s website includes coupons. These coupons and deals should be valid at any AutoZone location but contact ahead to confirm product availability. AutoZone specials sell out quickly.

3. Online Coupons and Exclusive Store Deals

Those who follow AutoZone on social media may get exclusive offers. Your local AutoZone store is another wonderful source for money-saving offers and coupons, as locations sometimes run exclusive sales not shown online.

These coupons could save you money on auto parts and accessories.

Are there any Price Match Exclusions?

Below is a list of the things that AutoZone won’t price match:

  • As was already said, AutoZone doesn’t match prices with online stores. Instead, they do this at their local stores.
  • Big companies like O’Reilly Auto Parts and NAPA Auto Parts are their only big competitors.
  • The proof is needed to price-match. If you didn’t have proof, they wouldn’t price-match for you.

AutoZone Price Match Policy – Watch Video

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