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If you are promoting products or services or doing affiliate marketing on Facebook, you should be aware of spying on other people’s products. So that when you create your ads, you can have an idea of what kind of ads your competitors are using, what kind of interests, and targeting options they are using. Facebook will give you suggestions based on what you have searched for or what you have looked for.


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Inspite of that, there are several tools available out there. They are specially created for the purpose of spying on your Facebook competitors and one such popular Facebook ads spying tool is AdSpy. This review will help you know all about AdSpy. 

No matter who you are, you can use AdSpy for discovering your competitors’ best-performing Facebook ads. Keep reading to know what AdSpy can offer. Also, check out the different aspects of AdSpy.

What is AdSpy?


AdSpy dashboard


AdSpy is the world’s largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. It is a powerful social media ad intelligence tool that has the most innovative search functionality. Hence finding the exact ads using AdSpy as per your requirements is hassle-free. The AdSpy contains more than 99,159,000 ads with 16,111,000+ advertisers from around 211 countries worldwide. 

AdSpy has an intuitive interface that can be used even by first-time users. Its exhaustive search filter works based on AI technology and gives you the exact search results in no time. With the help of AdSpy, you can

  • Discover compelling new campaigns
  • Save a lot of time on testing campaigns
  • Uncover thriving new products
  • Monitor your competitors’ brands
  • Scout for the best markets globally
  • Browse ads by what’s important

Different Aspects of AdSpy

AdSpy is widely used by affiliate marketers, dropshippers, digital marketers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and all those who run Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns in order to grow their business online. Below let’s see how AdSpy could help each of them.

AdSpy as an Affiliate Marketing Spy Tool


AdSpy For Affiliates


It is very critical for affiliate marketers to run varied offers, plan landing pages, and have a great advertisement copy that delivers them great outcomes. Also, it might take a ton of time and cost a lot of money to achieve good results in a short period. But if you are an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to worry. This amazing tool makes your job easier.

AdSpy offers a wide range of search criteria with which you can search for affiliate networks, specific affiliates, and affiliate offers. You can search for those through affiliate ID and see how your competitor affiliates are promoting their products. The tool also bypasses cloakers to ensure you have flawless information straight from the landing pages.

AdSpy as a Dropshipping Product Research Tool


AdSpy For Dropshipping Product Research


Products play a vital role in dropshipping business. Choosing the right products and promoting them alone can help you gain high returns and revenue. AdSpy helps you to quickly find the hottest and trending products online. It will already know about the product before the dropshippers get to know about them. 

AdSpy is thus one of the best dropshipping product research tools to obtain successful running dropshipping products in just a single click. As you search for products, it gives you the complete details about the product including its demographics, social engagements, likes over time, landing page URLs, landing page technologies, and so on. So just by looking at those, you will get to know whether you should promote it or not.

AdSpy as an E-commerce Ads Spy Tool


AdSpy For Spying ecommerce ads


AdSpy does a great job in spying on E-commerce ads on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to know what your e-commerce competitors are actually doing to make their campaigns better, you can use this tool to find them. The tool gives you everything you need for making enhancements for your ad campaigns. 

All you have to do is just search for the product or the landing page URL. To narrow down the results, you may even apply filters. The tool will give you what you need in its search results in a blink of an eye. It is such a powerful tool.

AdSpy as a Social Media Ads Spy Tool


AdSpy for Spying Social Media Ads


The tool’s greatest strength lies in its advanced search and filtering options. It’s AI technology is so powerful that you get results in no time. Its search criteria are extraordinary. You can search for social media ads (Facebook and Instagram) by

  • Ad text
  • Comments
  • Advertiser Name
  • URL
  • Landing Page URL
  • Landing Page Text

AdSpy Search Filters


The advanced search filters of the tool help you narrow down the results and thus gives you the exact output as per your requirements. The search criteria include

  • Site Type
  • Media Type
  • Technologies
  • Gender
  • Landing Pages
  • Ages
  • Seen After
  • Daily Likes
  • Total Likes
  • Networks
  • Affiliate ID
  • Offer ID

You can even save your searches and view them in the future. If you wish to sort the search results, the tool has options for that too. 

You can sort your ads based on the following:


AdSpy Sorting


  • Date (recent on top)
  • Date (oldest on top)
  • Likes
  • Love
  • Haha
  • Wow
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Shares
  • Longest Running

AdSpy Pricing


AdSpy Pricing + AdSpy Coupon Code


AdSpy offers the world’s best features of a Facebook ads spy tool. Compared to all its competitor tools, this is cheaper. AdSpy has fair pricing and costs $149 per month. It just has this single subscription plan and offers unlimited usage for this price. 

AdSpy Pros

  • Easy to use interface
  • Saves a lot of time and money
  • Has got advanced search and filtering options
  • Features are unique and worth the price
  • Has the largest pool of data compared to all other spy tools
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Works great for affiliates, ecom owners, and dropshippers

AdSpy Cons

  • At times, timed out searches may happen
  • The ads that appeared in search results might not appear again when you search for the same ads


AdSpy is thus an outstanding Facebook ads spy tool available out there. As we saw, it benefits everyone who is running Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. It lets you get complete information about your competitors’ ad campaigns with which you get ideas to improve your own ad campaigns. It is simply an amazing tool. The tool offers an AdSpy Free Trial + $150 AdSpy Coupon Code. This is a golden opportunity for you to get such an excellent tool with such a great offer. So don’t let it expire. Take advantage and start enhancing your campaigns from now!

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